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Soaps for purchase online!

Our soap is made from all natural ingredients and is a lovely hard bar. All soaps start out as white, non-coloured bars. They are a made with a vegetable base with coconut oil, olive oil, vegetable oils and lye. They are a long lasting bar.

All soaps come in any of the following scents: Coriander/Ginger, Sweet Violets, Applejack and Peel, Christmas Spice, Frootie Tootie, Lavender, Lavender with Lavender Pieces, Lavender Herbal, Lavender with Nettle, Mandarin Orange, Notes Of Niagara, Unscented, Strawberry, Vanilla Fruity, Vanilla Satin, Mistletoe Kiss, Peppermint/Orange, Northern Spring, Bergamont Spiced Tea, Aloe Vera, Chamomile Orange, Raspberry with seeds, Damask Rose, Athabasca Falls, Baby Powder, Bayberry, Berries on the Vine, Blueberry, Carnation, Cranberry Spice, Cucumber Melon, Elemi, Frutada Fiesta, Gingerbread, Lilac, Oatmeal Milk and Honey, Pear Berry, Pink Sugar, Key Lime, Lily of the Valley, Sandal wood and Morning Mist.

We also carry Glycerin Soaps which are just like our original soaps only with a strip of glycerin through the middle to add some colour. They come in threescents: Vanilla Spice/Apple, Citrus Mint with Almonds.

We also carry mens bars. These include: Green Irish, Masculine Musk, Red Serge, Drakkar, and Bay Rum.

Home Made Soaps

Our soaps come in two sizes, choose below:

Medium - 2 oz

Large - 4 oz

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