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Lip Balms

Lip balms are substances that are tropically applied to shoo away extremely troublesome lip problems like dry lips, angular stomatitis and cold sores. In the past, lip glosses were used to treat all kinds of lip troubles. However, unlike lip balms, which have therapeutic properties, lip glosses typically have only cosmetic properties.

The chief ingredients of lip balms are beeswax, petroleum jelly, menthol, camphor and scented oil. In addition to these, some manufacturers also add substances as alum, aspirin, vitamins and salicylic acid. Nowadays, most lip balms also contain sunscreen to minimize the harmful effect produced by sunlight.

Lip balms usually come in small containers, where the index finger is used to apply it on the lips. These days, manufacturers also produce lip balms in stick form, which can be applied directly on the lips as lipstick.

Many people state that lip balms are addictive. Often, it has been observed that users of lip balm continuously re-apply it. It is still not known whether this symptom is a physical withdrawal or purely psychological addiction. Nevertheless, clinical studies have revealed that lip balms do not contain any addiction-causing substance.

Lip balms are safest means to treat lip problems. However, if fear of addiction is preventing you from using them, then you can safely rely upon another painless, yet effective method, that is apply your own skin oil from a healthy area of the skin to your lips.