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Bath Gift Basket

Nothing makes a woman more happy than a bath gift basket. In fact, every woman desires to receive at least one bath gift basket in her life. Usually, a bath gift basket is not as luxurious as a spa basket. It contains inexpensive products that are essential for relaxing and pampering the body like body lotion, bath bomb, hand and foot lotion, scented bath salts, lip balms, homemade soap, etc.

Bath gift baskets can be broadly divided into three categories:

  • Designer Bath Gift Basket - It is a custom-made basket that is especially created to suit a person’s specific needs. It is often smaller in size, but it typically contains a wider range of interesting products.
  • Hand-Made Bath Gift Basket - Such a bath gift basket contains only handmade items as handmade soaps, bath bomb, lip balms, etc. Handmade bath gift basket is a symbol of your hard work, and it is also an ideal way to make the person feel special.
  • Aromatic Bath Gift Basket - Such a bath gift basket contains a wide assortment of aromatic products. This bath gift basket generally stocks up products that are used in aromatherapy.

In addition to body lotions and homemade soaps, a bath gift basket can also include products such as exfoliating loofah sponge, hemp wash cloth, warming sugar body scrubs and salt scrubs.

Keep in mind a bath gift basket filled to the brim with small natural products is one of the best gifts for that special and deserving person.